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Corporate Finance Strategies

Southbridge can guide you through these corporate finance strategies and others. Our business is to know the corporate finance marketplace, just as you know your marketplace. Talk to us first.

Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a means for asset acquisition that combines lower costs, flexibility, protection against obsolescence, and additional sources of capital outside existing banking relationships. Southbridge leases every type of capital asset, including computers, office furniture and electronics, warehouse racking and equipment, production lines and robotics, medical equipment, textile machinery, communications equipment, refrigeration and electrical power apparatus, and software and other soft costs related to these assets. Case Study.

Asset Based Financing

Many companies rely on commercial loans that establish a line of credit secured by company assets, usually receivables and inventory. This provides a low cost revolving credit facility that can be drawn upon or paid down in accordance with cash flow needs. Southbridge is your investment banker in structuring, sourcing and negotiating a facility that limits risk and keeps costs low. Case Study.


When a standard asset-based commercial loan is not available or there is concern about collection of receivables, a factored facility may make more sense for your business. While this type of facility is typically more expensive than a non-factored commercial loan, where appropriate, Southbridge will demonstrate how the savings realized from managing collections and avoiding bad debts may make it a preferable alternative. Case Study.


Understanding Financing Alternatives: A brief overview of the benefits and burdens of strategies for financing.

Technology Asset Management: What should you consider in developing a plan for acquisition of capital assets and their optimal use.