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Your Investment Banker

Many owners of smaller and mid-size businesses and professional firms need investment banking help. You know your business well but when you are confronted with the financial issues that face your company as it expands, relocates or looks to acquire assets, you need the broad financial experience that the Southbridge Team offers.

Banking Relationships

Is your bank the right bank for you? Southbridge represents and advises its customers in choosing the appropriate banking relationship and in establishing banking facilities that meet your needs. Banks differ in the products they offer and what they'll do for your company. Knowing which bank will best fit your company or firm is our business. Case Study.

Acquisitions and Exit Strategies

Southbridge has represented business principals in the acquisition and sale of several small to mid-size companies. Our experience working with closely-held companies in their corporate finance efforts and the understanding of their business we gain in that process has put us in an ideal position to represent them when it comes time to find a likely target or to sell and move on. Case Study.