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Case Studies


Southbridge the Perfect Match for On-Line Dating Service. Its bank wouldn't finance this internet company because of lingering fears from the "" days, so Southbridge set up a "lease line" of $250,000 for the acquisition of servers, data storage and communications equipment.

Asset Based Financing

Southbridge Helps Legal Temps Firm With Temporary Cash Flow Issues. This growing provider of temporary attorney services found it had to pay the attorneys first, well before it collected from the law firms where they worked. Southbridge put in place a low cost $1,000,000 asset-based loan facility that provided the necessary cash flow to match the growth the firm enjoyed.


Southbridge a Major Factor in Finding the Right Factoring Facility. Southbridge helped its client, a family-held textile converter, recognize that its management of receivables and banking requirements made factoring the likely choice for its line of credit, then spearheaded the effort to identify options, provide support information, select a provider and negotiate the most favorable terms for its client's $12,000,000 facility.

Banking Relationships

Public Relations Firm Finds Better Banking Relationship Through Southbridge. This New York public relations firm wanted more help from its bank, and found it needed to go bank shopping. They called their banking expert, Southbridge, who helped with introductions, guidance, advice and negotiations on behalf of the firm.

Acquisitions and Exit Strategies

Southbridge Negotiates High Value for High Tech Company. When the owners of this technology maintenance company wanted to realize on their investment, they called Southbridge to provide valuation, prepare an offering memorandum, help in identifying potential purchasers or investors, and negotiate a transaction that brought them more than $1,500,000 up-front reward and long term consulting agreements.