Southbridge Financial Corp.

  Southbridge Financial Corp. is a financial services and investment banking company, providing financial support and expertise to a diverse client base. In today's challenging business environment, many corporations and partnerships are seeking alternative financing resources in connection with capital acquisitions and the establishment of working capital facilities. At Southbridge, we recognize that each company's corporate finance and acquisitions needs are unique.

The Southbridge approach is based on careful review of the particular requirements of its clients and the development of a well thought out and sensible finance plan for achieving those requirements. Working closely with senior executive and financial management enables the Southbridge team to formulate an appropriate financing structure for every client's needs.

Southbridge is ready to help with your financing and banking needs:

Please direct inquiries about equipment and project finance needs to
Arthur P. Freierman, President
Southbridge Financial Corp.
45 Rockefeller Plaza
20th Floor
New York, NY 10111-2099
Tel. 212-332-1616